The provocative flickering of the streets, the howling of the police, the flying skirts of the Puerto Rican over the rooftops of New York, eternal love and disastrous enmity in the deserted backyards of the Westside - only a few notes of Leonard Bernstein's famous compositions like Maria , Tonight , Somewhere , America and I Feel Pretty are enough to create images like these. Pictures of cool guys and hot girls in the last summers of Manhattan. Pictures of Mambo, Jazz and Rock'n'Roll, which meets the heart, where love blinds all obstacles.

With the Broadway premiere in 1957, Westside Story redefined a whole genre musically and danced. The film, which was awarded with ten Oscars, made the musical known to a million-plus audience. To this day, West Side Story stands as the undisputed No. 1 of the American musical theater: brave, realistic and as explosive as on the first day. The award - winning West Side Story production by Joey McKneely, which is the only one to show the original choreography of Jerome Robbins worldwide, is once again on world tour and is a guest at numerous international theaters and operas, including in Auckland, Bangkok, Bratislava, The Hague, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Manila, Muscat, Paris, Prague, Singapore, Vienna and Tokyo, as well as at selected concert halls throughout the German-speaking world.No one before Jerome Robbins has banished the longings, the fears and the impetuosity of youth so timelessly and authentically in dance as he did in his choreographies to West Side Story . And no choreographer before him had achieved artistic similarities. Not only did Leonard Bernstein enter new territory with his composition. Robbins did the same and made his choreography a significant part of the story. Only in the interplay of these two elements - Bernstein's music and Robbin's choreography - West Side Story unfolds its full force. Presenting them from a single cast is a special endeavor. The choreographer and former eleven of Jerome Robbins, Joey McKneely, have done this impressively. In his production, West Side Story is as fresh and dynamic as if it had premiered yesterday.

This is not least due to the young actors cast in New York. They act as if they lived entirely in this unique work, which demands dancer, musical and performance performances. And they do it with technical brilliance and staggering energy, that energy, which slowly fills itself in its innermost core, grows, every fiber penetrates into the fingertips and toes - PAH! - suddenly exploded. The rich sound image, which requires this unique masterpiece, brings the orchestra to the full under the ambitious musical direction of the Bernstein pupil and renowned conductor Donald Chan.

Throughout the world, from London to Paris to Sydney and Berlin, West Side Story has already sold out for these celebrated productions and has been nominated for London's most prestigious theatrical award, the Laurence Olivier Award. The Hamburger Abendblatt cheered, "This West Side Story from New York is played and danced with the passion of the youth - and enthusiastically!" The grandiose masterpiece is never to be experienced anywhere else in such a highly emotional and exciting way.


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